Ho-Chunk Nation Index of Laws

Title 1 - Establishment Act

  • 1HCC1 Judiciary Establishment Act: Click Here
  • 1HCC2 Administration Est Act as amended on 06.05.17: Click Here
  • 1HCC3 Business Establishment Act: Click Here
  • 1HCC4 Education Est Act as amended on 06.05.17: Click Here
  • 1HCC5 Health Act of 2009 As Amended on 06.05.17: Click Here
  • 1HCC6 Heritage Preservation Establishment Act as amended on 06.05.17: Click Here
  • 1HCC7 Housing Establishment Act as amended 06.05.17: Click Here
  • 1HCC8 Department of Justice Est Act as amended on 06.05.17: Click Here
  • 1HCC9 Labor Est Act as amended on 06.05.17: Click Here
  • 1HCC10 Personnel Est Act as amended on 06.05.17: Click Here
  • 1HCC11 TAU Advisory Board Establishment Act: Click Here
  • 1HCC12 Treasury Establishment Act: Click Here
  • 1HCC13 Insurance Review Commission Establishment Act: Click Here
  • 1HCC14 Law Enforcement Commission Establishment Act: Click Here
  • 1HCC15 Social Services Establishment Act: Click Here
  • 1HCC16 Trust and Investment Committee Establishment Act: Click Here
  • 1HCC17 PD Advisory Establishment Act: Click Here
  • 1HCC18 Office of the General Council Establishment and Organization Act: Click Here
  • 1HCC19 Department of Agriculture Establishment Act as amended on 06.05.17: Click Here
  • 1HCC20 Department of Natural Resources Establishment Act: Click Here

Title 2 - Government

  • 2HCC1 Code of Ethics Act Amended 6.20.17: Click Here
  • 2HCC2 Open Meetings Act: Click Here
  • 2HCC3 Discovery Act: Click Here
  • 2HCC4 Appropriations and Budget Process Act: Click Here
  • 2HCC5 Contempt Ordinance: Click Here
  • 2HCC6 Election Code: Click Here
  • 2HCC7 Tribal Enrollment and Membership Code: Click Here
  • 2HCC8 Claims Against Per Capita Ordinance: Click Here
  • 2HCC9 Confirmation process of Executive Directors for the Ho-Chunk Nation Act: Click Here
  • 2HCC10 Fleet Ordinance: Click Here
  • 2HCC11 Legislative Organization Act: Click Here
  • 2HCC12 Per Capita Distribution Ordinance: Click Here
  • 2HCC13 Arbitration Ordinance: Click Here
  • 2HCC14 Statue of Limitations and Commencement of Claims Act: Click Here
  • 2HCC15 Long Arm Ordinance: Click Here
  • 2HCC16 Crimes Against Ho-Chunk Nation Government and Government Officials: Click Here
  • 2HCC17 Tribal Claims Act of 2006: Click Here

Title 3 - Health And Safety

Title 4 - Children, Family and Elder Welfare

  • 4HCC1 Elder Protection Act of 2001: Click Here
  • 4HCC2 Recognition of Foreign Child Support Orders Ordinance: Click Here
  • 4HCC3 Children and Family Act: Click Here
  • 4HCC4 Juvenile Curfew Ordinance: Click Here
  • 4HCC5 Domestic Abuse Act of 2000: Click Here
  • 4HCC6 Legally Incompetent Member Protective Fund Administration Interim Ordinance: Click Here
  • 4HCC7 Child Support Code: Click Here
  • 4HCC8 Charitable Request Act: Click Here
  • 4HCC9 Divorce and Custody Ordinance: Click Here
  • 4HCC10 Marriage Ordinance: Click Here
  • 4HCC11 Hocak Nation Third Party Guardianship: Click Here
  • 4HCC12 Children, Family, and Adult-at-Risk Welfare Code: Click Here
  • 4HCC13 Ho-Chunk Disability Code: Click Here
  • 4HCC14 Adult Guardianship and Spendthrift Ordinance: Click Here
  • 4HCC15 HTWC Code as amended on June 20, 2017: Click Here
  • 4HCC16 Family Wellness Court Code: Click Here

Title 5 - Business and Finance

Title 6 - Personnel, Employment and Labor

  • 6HCC4 Computer Usage Act: Click Here
  • 6HCC5 ERA: Click Here
  • 6HCC8 Occupational Safety and Health Program Act of 2002: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 1-General Safety: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 2-Exposure Control: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 3-Hazard Communication: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 4-Electrical Safety: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 5-Lock-Out Tag-Out: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 6-Powered Industrial Truck Safety: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 7-Personal Protective Equipment: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 8-Fire Safety: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 9-Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Planning: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 10-Occupational Health and Environmental Controls: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 11-Indoor Air Quality: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 12-Ergonomics Program: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 13-Construction Safety: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 14-Fall Protection: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 15-Permit Required Confined Spaces: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 17-Workplace Violence Prevention: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 18-Respiratory Protection: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 19-Agriculture Safety: Click Here
    • 6HCC8 Subsection 20-Record Keeping: Click Here

Title 7 - Culture and Natural Resources

  • 7HCC1 Burial Mounds Ordinance: Click Here
  • 7HCC2 Tribal Property Rights of Repatriated Items Act: Click Here
  • 7HCC3 All Terrain Vehicle Usage Ordinance: Click Here
  • 7HCC4 Language and Culture Code: Click Here

Title 8 - Housing, Real Estate and Property

Title 9 - Criminal Code

  • 9HCC900 Criminal Fine Allocation Ordinance: Click Here
  • 9HCC939 General Provisions: Click Here
  • 9HCC940 Crimes Against Life and Bodily Security: Click Here
  • 9HCC941 Crimes Against Public Health and Safety: Click Here
  • 9HCC942 Crimes Against Reputation, Privacy and Civil Liberties: Click Here
  • 9HCC943 Crimes Against Property: Click Here
  • 9HCC944 Crimes Against Sexual Morality: Click Here
  • 9HCC945 Gambling: Click Here
  • 9HCC946 Crimes Against Government and It's Administration: Click Here
  • 9HCC947 Crimes Against Public Peace, Order and Other Interests: Click Here
  • 9HCC948 Crimes Against Children: Click Here
  • 9HCC949 Awards for the Victims of Crimes: Click Here
  • 9HCC950 Rights of Victims and Witnesses of Crimes: Click Here
  • 9HCC951 Crimes Against Animals: Click Here
  • 9HCC961 Controlled Substance Act: Click Here
  • 9HCC973 Criminal final 5 23 17: Click Here
  • 9HCC975 Criminal Code final 5 23 17: Click Here
  • 9HCC978 Criminal final 5 23 17: Click Here
  • 9HCC979 Criminal final 5 23 17: Click Here

Title 11 - Vehicles and Traffic