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Listed below are the Ho-Chunk Nation's Department of Treasury Projects being bid on or which proposals will be solicited in the near future.

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Project #Availability DateBid DateProject TitleDepartment
111717HCN401K11/17/201712/15/2017 Audit on Employee Benefit Plan (401k) Treasury

RFP Q&A Clarifications, Schedule Changes, other important Information:

1. Do you have a third party service service provider for payroll? If so, do they have a SOC type II report?


2. Are HR documents (I-9 forms, hiring and pay rate information) located in one specific location or multiple?

    One location.

3. Is payroll centralized or decentralized?


4. Do you have documented controls over payroll review and reconciliation?


5. Do you have documented controls over pay rate authorization?


6. Any changes to service providers: Payroll, investment custodian or third party administrators?

    Not with regard to 401K.

7. Are you satisfied with your current auditor? Are there opportunities to improve on the service you have received in the past?

    Yes. No.

8. Are you willing to disclose audit fees for the past 2 years?


9. Does the Tribe anticipate significant changes for 2017?


10. Is the Tribe anticipating any significant unusual or non-routine transaction in 2017?


11. Were there any amendments made to the Plan for the year ended June 30, 2017?

    No amendments were made to the plan year ending June 30, 2017.

12. Are the payroll and HR functions separate or centralized for the three participating entities (the Nation, FNCF, and HHCDA)?

    Separate for all.

13. Were there any changes in the Trustee of the Plan for the year ended June 30, 2017?


14. Any other significant issues that occurred during the year ended June 30, 2017 that might impact the amount of time needed to complete the audit?


15. Were there any disagreements with the audit firm that performed the Plan's audit for the year ended June 30, 2016?


16. Is there a specific reason for the RFP being issued with such a quick turnaround?

    Not able to make addendum to current 401K contract. Extended deadline to meet compliance.

17. Do you have a time frame you would prefer to have the audit work completed by? Any internal deadline for completion?

    Final draft no later than March 15th, Deadline March 31st.

18. Approximately how many days and how many auditors worked in your office on the audit in prior years.

    Three maximum.

19. What areas of the audit have been historically more difficult than others and why?


20. Were there any adjusting journal entries made as part of the 2016 audit? If so, can you please attach?

    No adjusting journal entries.

21. Have there been any changes to the staffing in the accounting/benefits department (i.e. turnover or additional staff hired) since the past audit?

    None relating to 401K.

22. Is supporting documentation for the Plan (enrollment forms, participant loan documents, distribution forms, etc.) maintained by the Plan sponsor (the Nation, FNCF and HHCDA) or by the Trustee?


- Refer all questions about RFP’s to the email address Treasury_rfp@ho-chunk.com, Include project number.