Department of Heritage Preservation

The Mission of the Department of Heritage Preservation shall be to research, archive, protect, conserve, and perpetuate the traditional and natural resources of the Ho-Chunk Nation. The Department will draft policies for the proper use of the Nation's resources in a manner which is consistent with Ho-Chunk cultural beliefs about nature and with natural resource environmental science. The Department will strive to provide equitable access to the Nation's traditional and natural resources to all Ho-Chunk citizens, and to work to ensure the future generations of HoChunk citizens have a clean and healthy environment in which traditional customs and activities are perpetuated.

The Department of Heritage Preservation is comprised of five main divisons: Enrollment, Cultural Resources, Natural Resources, Language, and Veterans Affairs.

Mailing Address:
Ho-Chunk Nation
Department of Heritage Preservation
P.O. Box 667, W9814 Airport Road
Black River Falls, WI 54615

Contact Information:
(715) 284-9343 Local
(800) 294-9343 Toll Free
(715) 284-7449 Fax

Primary Emails:
Executive Director
Carlyle Greendeer

Executive Administrative Assistant
Eliza Green 


Cultural Resources
Natural Resources
Maintains Enrollment Office

Register and inventory

Store and Maintain

Track offsite storage and displays of significant media

Family & Historical Research

Acquire Historic Archives

Compile chronologies, documents, books, reports, and other significant history media
  To Preserve, Protect and Serve as a Cultural Resource for the HoChunk Nation

Tribal Historic Preservation Office



Cultural Resources

Ground Penetrating RADAR (GPR)
  Manage land, air, water

Monitor and control toxins, wastes, and pollutants

Protect and manage wildlife, fish, & plants

Land acquisitions

Research, analysis, recording & maintenance of Tribal lands

DNR Geographic Information Systems [GIS]

Forestry, Parks, Agriculture
  Please see the Language Division webpage for more information