Department of Justice

Purpose and Responsibilities of the Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Justice

The mission of the Department of Justice is set forth by the Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature in the establishment act:

The Department of Justice ("Department"), as part of the Executive Branch, is committed to defending the sovereignty of the Ho-Chunk Nation ("Nation") and representing the Nation on those matters that concern the Nation's interests and welfare. The Department will serve the Nation in Tribal, State and Federal forums. The Department is bound to protect the Nation and will coordinate all available and necessary enforcement resources.

The Department of Justice consists of the Attorney General, (6) Tribal Attorneys, (3) Paralegals, (1) Legal Assistant, (1) Exec. Admin. Assistant, (1) Legal File Clerk and (1) Secretary.

The Department consists of six (6) divisions:
1. The Division of Legal Services, which is responsible for providing legal services to the Nation and coordinating the activities of the other Divisions of the Department. We handle a wide range of matters including gaming issues, land issues, litigation, CFS and CTF/ITF cases, among others. Currently, Amanda L. WhiteEagle is Attorney General.

The Department of Justice is sorry to inform the Tribal Members that the Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Justice is unable to offer Tribal Members legal representation.

The Department realizes that Tribal Members may have extreme circumstances that need immediate response; however, the Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal Attorneys do not provide representation to individual Tribal Members or persons with individual legal issues. The Tribal Attorneys are contracted and duty-bound to represent the legal interests of the Ho-Chunk Nation, its agencies and entities. Therefore, the Department cannot give legal advice or represent Tribal Members in any capacity.

Although the Department cannot offer Tribal Members legal representation, a Tribal Member may be able to receive assistance from the following programs, who offer legal representation:

A. Wisconsin Judicare, Inc.
300 Third Street, Wausau, WI 54402
Ph: (800) 472-1638.

B. Legal Aid to Institutionalized Persons (LAIP) Program
University of Wisconsin Law School - LAIP
Frank J. Remington Center
975 Bascom Mall, Madison, 53706
Ph: (800) 543-2625.

If these organizations are unable to assist you with locating representation, the Tribal Member would likely need to contact a private attorney.

2. The Division of Investigation or the Surveillance Departments of the four (4) casinos and one (1) bingo hall, which are responsible for protecting the Nation's Casino assets. Currently, the Supervisor for DeJope Bingo is David Austin; the Supervisor for HCC is Todd Burbey; the Supervisor for MPC is Stuart Rave; the Supervisor for RBC is Bruce Decorah; and the Supervisor for Ho-Chunk North is Sandy Smalley.

3. The Compliance Division is responsible for enforcing the Ho-Chunk Nation's Drug and Alcohol Ordinance, investigating incidents, vendor verification, and many other duties. Currently, the Supervisor for Compliance is Joe Buse.

4. The Register of Deeds, formerly known as Land Records Office is responsible for keeping track of trust land and leases and assists with BIA land issues. Currently, the Supervisor for Register of Deeds is Julie Mann.

5. The Election Board Office is responsible for assisting with elections and problems that may occur during those elections. The Office Manager is Melissa Olvera.

6. The Ho-Chunk Nation Police Department is responsible for the direction of all operations of the Ho-hunk Nation. Its responsibilities include monitoring of all department personnel to ensure work performance and assist Tribal Members with matters. Work performance and assistance should meet standards set forth by the HCN Police Department and State of Wisconsin. The Police Department reviews and assures all requests for assistance are completed in a timely fashion and all necessary reports are accurately completed. The Police Department establishes Tribal Member and department goals and priorities and implements those policies. The Chief of Police is Earl LeMieux and the Administrative Assistant is Cara Lee Murphy.

The Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Justice can be contacted at:

Ho-Chunk Nation
Department of Justice
P.O. Box 667
W9814 Airport Road
Black River Falls, WI 54615
Ph: 715-284-3170
Fax: 715-284-7851