Division of Personnel Management

The Tribal Executive Office Building in Black River Falls, WI is the headquarters for the division of Personnel Management. There are five auxiliary personnel offices, referred to as human resources, at each of the Nation's major gaming facilities, including: Baraboo, Black River Falls, Madison, Nekoosa, Wittenberg.

All of the Nation's employee transactions are processed and maintained at the headquarter office in Black River Falls, WI. The Nation employs over 3,100 individuals, of whom nearly 75% are not enrolled members of the Ho-Chunk Tribe. Approximately 25% of its total employee population work for the Nation's government. The other 75% are employed by the Nation's businesses.

Employed By County

The Ho-Chunk Nation has a policy to post all vacant positions to the general public, unless the position is subject to be filled from the recall list. The only other exception is for the Nation's revenue generating positions, subject to high turnover. These positions can be applied for on a continuous bases in order to maintain a pool of immediately available applicants. When applying for a position of this type, the applicant must submit an application to the human resource office at the desired gaming facility of employment.

The Nation posts available positions every Wednesday, unless closed for a holiday. The employment opportunities can be viewed on its website or by stopping by one of its offices. If interested in applying for an available position, please read the description carefully as some positions require an applicant to submit a resume in addition to an application. Please take note of the closing date and time, which is generally on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. unless stated otherwise. Failure to submit a fully completed application and to have other required materials (specified in the job posting or on the employment application) attached before the deadline will result in not being considered for the position.

The Employment Relations Act (ERA) was enacted by the Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature on December 9, 2004. This Act establishes uniform employment practices throughout the Ho-Chunk Nation in the utilization of human resources in the achievement of the desired goals and objectives of the Nation. It is the official employment law that is applicable to all employees of the Nation.

The Nation is committed to completing all employment verifications in a timely manner. It is our policy to receive and reply to all verifications in written format, provided that the inquirer provides a signed release from the individual that the verification is being completed. Individuals may submit a verification of employment via facsimile to the Personnel office located in Black River Falls, WI at (715) 284-9465. The information may also be requested via United States Postal Service at Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Personnel, c/o Employment Verification, P.O. Box 667, Black River Falls, WI 54615.