Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Q:  Can I apply for unemployment?
     A:  Yes, anyone can apply for unemployment.  The Department of Workforce Development will make the determination once  information is received from the former
 employee and  the Ho-Chunk Nation if they are eligible to receive benefits.  The Ho-Chunk Nation does not make the decision if someone is eligible or not.

2.  Q:  Are LTE's eligible for Wosga leave?
     A:  Yes, all employee regardless of employment status may use Wosga Leave. 

3.  Q:  How many days of funeral leave am I entitled to for a Great Grandparent or Great Aunt?
     A:  The Employment Relations Act identifies a Great Grandparent and a Great Aunt as extended family, which would allow 2 days/16 hours of Leave.

4.  Q: When is my evaluation due?
     A: Initial probationary evaluations are due 90 calendar days after your start date(which is also your annual eval date), if you have been transferred your eval is due 30 days after your transfer date.  If you are promoted or demoted, your new annual evaluation date is the date of your transfer, if you have been laterally transferred you retain your current annual eval date(no change).
If your eval has been extended due to FML, you may inquire with the FML Benefits Specialist as this is the person who tracks IFML, FML and ULOA for all employees.

5.  Q:  What do I do, I did not Sign the Sign In sheet for Waksik Wosga Leave?
     A: You should contact the Ceremonial Leader and have him call the Personnel Department. You can then come into the Personnel Office and Sign the Sign In Sheet.

6.  Q:  Can an employee use Wosga Leave on their day off?
     A:  No, an employee can only use WWL on her regularly scheduled work day.

7.  Q:  Can an Limited Term Employee (LTE) employee use Wosga Leave?
     A:  Yes, LTE employees are permitted to use this leave.

8.  Q:  Do I have to exhaust my Annual/Sick Leave before I can apply for Short Term Disability?
     A:  No, you do not have to use any Annual/Sick is you do not wish to.

9.  Q:  Can I use Annual/Sick Leave while on Short Term Disability?
     A:  Annual Leave only. You can use enough Annual Leave to make up the difference between Short Term Disability benefit and  your regular pay check amount.


10. Q: At what age can I apply for Medicare?
A: Medicare benefits based on retirement do not begin until a person reaches age 65. So before you retire at 62, find out whether you stand to lose any employer-provided health insurance that you may have.

Every person is responsible for Medicare, not the HCN Department of Personnel.

Sign up for Medicare A three (3) months before your 65th birthday.


Social Security

11. Q: At what age can I start receiving Social Security retirement benefits?
      A: The earliest you can start receiving Social Security retirement benefits will remain age 62; however, payments are not "full" benefits.

Social Security