Department of Justice

The mission of the Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Justice is set forth by the Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature in the Establishment Act:

The Department of Justice ("Department"), as part of the Executive Branch, is committed to defending the sovereignty of the Ho-Chunk Nation ("Nation") and representing the Nation on those matters that concern the Nation's interests and welfare. The Department will serve the Nation in Tribal, State and Federal forums. The Department is bound to protect the Nation and will coordinate all available and necessary enforcement resources.

The Department of Justice consists of the Attorney General, Senior Tribal Counsels, Tribal Counsels, Tribal Prosecutor, Tribal Attorneys, Paralegals, Victim/Witness Advocate, Executive Administrator, a Records Clerk and a Receptionist.

The Department consists of seven (6) divisions:
1. The Division of Legal Services 
2. The Division of Investigation or the Surveillance Departments
3. The Compliance Division
4. The Election Board Office
5. The Ho-Chunk Nation Police Department
6. The Contract Division

The Department of Justice can be contacted by:
 Ho-Chunk Nation Department of Justice
P.O. Box 667
W9814 Airport Road
Black River Falls, WI 54615
Ph: 715-284-3170
Fax: 715-284-7851