General Council Agency By-Laws

GCA By-Laws

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be Ho-Chunk Nation General Council Agency (GCA).

Section 2. The HCN GCA is created for the following purposes:

A. To act as an Agent to the General Council as authorized by the General Council. The General Council, through a majority vote, authorized the GCA to act in accordance with actions taken at a duly called meeting of the General Council where quorum was present. Such actions are those actions that were passed by the majority vote of the General Council.

B. The GCA shall monitor all actions of the General Council to assure that such actions are executed by the Legislature and/or the Executive Branch.

C. The GCA shall provide monthly written status reports to tribal membership through area meetings of the Legislature.

D. The GCA shall prepare and present an Annual Report at the Annual Meeting of the General Council. Such report shall provide the detailed status for each Resolution passed by the General Council at the previous annual meeting of the General Council. In addition, the GCA shall present a status report of any actions that were passed at a Special Meeting.

E. The GCA shall prepare and present recommendations to the General Council.

F. The GCA will assist tribal members in preparing their new resolutions for submission to the General Council.

G. The GCA shall prepare an annual budget for appropriation to the Legislature.

H. The GCA shall not act or take action outside of the above delegated authority.

Section 1. The composition of the GCA will consist of two elected representatives from each of the designated communities of the Ho-Chunk Nation. Except for the ex-officio members, all GCA representatives shall be referred to as Agents. Representatives to the GCA shall be open to all enrolled Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal Members. Agent(s) means an Agent of the General Council Agency. The Agency shall be composed of one primary agent and one alternate from each of the designated communities listed as follows.

Black River Falls
St. Paul or Minneapolis
Wisconsin Rapids
Green Bay
La Crosse
Wisconsin Dells
Other areas designated through General Council

Section 2. To become an Agent, a tribal member must be nominated and elected by majority vote by the tribal members residing in the communities the candidate wishes to represent. Such candidate shall have a minimum of one (1) year residency in that area.

Section 3. Ex-Officio member. The Ex-Officio members shall be the Advocate and any other designated ad hoc member approved by the GCA.


Section 1. This GCA shall be managed by at least 12 members, three (3) of whom shall be Chair ("Chair"), Vice-Chair (Vice Chair"), and Secretary-Treasurer.

Section 2. Term/Length of Service

A. Agents shall serve until they resign or are removed pursuant to Article Three, Section 4.

Section 3. Conflict of Interests

A. Agents must excuse themselves from voting on issues that pose a direct financial or personal relationship or an appearance of impropriety.

B. Agents are responsible for disclosing any potential conflicts of interest.

Section 4. Resignation and Removal of Agents.

A. Resignation from GCA must be in writing and received by an Advocate, who will forward the resignation to the GCA.

B. An Agent may be removed by the majority of their respective area.

C. The GCA may remove an Agent for two consecutive unexcused absences from a regularly scheduled meeting.

Section 5. Agent Vacancies
A. All Agent vacancies shall be posted in the tribal newspaper once.

B. When a vacancy on the Agency exists, nominations for new members may be made at their respective area meeting.

C. Tribal members at their area meetings will decide by majority vote who will serve as an Agent on the GCA.

Section 1. The offices of this Agency shall hold the positions of Chair, Vice - Chair, and Secretary-Treasurer.

A. Each Officer will serve a term of four years.

B. The Officers shall have signature authority and supervision authority over GCA employees.

C. The Advocates will be ex-officio members and will not have voting privileges and will serve as recording secretary.

Section 2. Chair
A. The Chair shall preside at all GCA meetings, and shall present at each General Council meeting to present the annual report of the GCA.

B. The Chair shall have such responsibilities that are necessary to carry out the function of the GCA including the authority to delegate duties to Agents and selected ad hoc committee members.

C. The Chair shall have the authority to enter into contracts with vendors for the following;

1. To enter into contracts with vendors and service providers for General Council meetings in accordance with the approved budget, and
2. To enter into contracts for General Council Agency meetings in accordance with the approved budget.
3. The Chair shall inform the Vice-Chair and the Secretary-Treasurer of all General Council Business or relevant information pertaining to GCA activities.

Section 3. Vice - Chair
A. In the absence of the Chair or as delegated by the Chair, the Vice - Chair shall act as the Chair and shall exercise all of the rights, privileges and powers of the Chair.

Section 4. Secretary-Treasurer
A. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing and submitting a budget for GCA.

B. The Secretary-Treasurer has authority to request financial statements on behalf of GCA financial reports.

C. The Secretary-Treasurer shall report on the status of the budget and recommend and prepare budget modifications to GCA for approval.

D. The Secretary-Treasurer shall ensure that proper notice has been posted for all meetings.

E. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping all business records of GCA.

Section 5. Advocate
A. The GCA Advocate shall serve as the only ex - officio member of the GCA.

B. The Advocates are governmental employees subject to the Ho-Chunk Nation Employment Relations Act, 6HCC 5.

C. The GCA shall have authority as delegated through the General Council to select and hire GCA employees in accordance with the laws of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

D. The Advocates shall:
1. Maintain all resolutions, reports, expenditures, and minutes of the meetings, budgets, and take precautionary measures to safeguard records, and
2. Maintain a status report on each resolution passed by General Council.
3. Maintain written procedures for the GCA, and
4. Publish all meeting notices, including the time, placce, and agenda of each meeting, and
5. Prepare monthly reports to the GCA including budgets, meeting minutes, resolutions and all other pertinent information.
6. Preform any and all duties as assigned by the Agency.

Section 1. GCA Meetings

A. The GCA will meet at least once per month.

B. Minutes of each meeting shall include but not limited to:
1. Attendance of Agents and public present.
2. Agenda,
3. A written summary, and
4. Meeting minutes (including but not limited to: motions, resolutions, expenditures, and other pertinent information as defined by the GCA).

C. Notices of all meetings shall be posted at tribal buildings not less than forty - eight (48) hours prior to the meeting.
D. Quorum will be met when six (6) Agents are present.

Section 2. Special Meetings
A. Special meetings of the GCA may be called by the Chair or the majority of the Agents when it is deemed in the best interest of the Nation. Such meetings will be agreed upon by at least six Agents. The Agents may conduct a phone poll to determine the need for a meeting.

B. Quorum will be met when six (6) Agents are present.

C. Notices of such meetings shall be faxed or emailed to tribal buildings for public posting not less than 48 hours prior to the meeting, or as provided in the Ho-Chunk Nation Open Meeting Act.

D. Minutes of special meeting shall include but not limited to:
1. Attendance of Agents and public present.
2. Agenda,
3. A written summary, and
4. Meeting minutes (including but not limited to: motions, resolutions, expenditures, and other pretinent information as defined by the GCA.)

Section 1. Each Agent shall have one (1) vote.
Section 2. The Chair cannot vote except to break a tie.
Section 3. The Advocate and ex - officio member of the GCA shall have no vote.
Section 4. All matters of the GCA shall be approved by a simple majority (50% plus 1) of the Agents present.
Section 5. Voting for officers shall be by secret ballot.

Section 1. Task Force/Ad Hoc Committees ("the Communities") are an extension of the GCA. The GCA shall, at its discretion create and/or establish Committees. The Committees will have established timelines to carry out specific objectives within the established budget. Committee members shall be appointed by the GCA or selected from tribal members through the monthly are meetings as deemed necessary by the GCA. All Committee members shall be enrolled Ho-Chunk Nation tribal members at least 18 years old.

Section 2. The Committees are overseen by the GCA and are accountable to the GCA and the tribal membership. The Committees may propose recommendations within the scope of their objectives.

Section 3. When the stated objectives of the Committees have been accomplished, the Committees shall be dissolved.

Section 1. The Agency and Ad Hoc Committee Member may receive mileage, a $100 meeting stipend per meeting, and reasonable reimbursements approved by the Agency.

Section 1. These bylaws can only be amended through the General Council at an annual or special meeting.

The enactment of these laws repeal any previously enacted bylaws that are inconsistent with the bylaws herein enacted.

Reprinted 05/03/10

Adopted 09/12/09