General Council Agency

General Council Agency: Mission Statement


The General Council Agency's purpose is to act as the agent of General Council to serve and exercise the right of all eligible Ho-Chunk voters when they set policy for the Nation, propose constitutional amendments or establish internal procedures through resolutions passed at a duly called General Council meeting.

The General Council Agency is committed to executing and achieving the directives authorized by the General Council and shall perform the functions necessary to ensure the desire of such policies, amendments or procedures are followed and adhered to by all branches and departments of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

The General Council Agency shall use the resources provided by General Council to efficiently provide administrative support, correctly prepare annual budgets, sufficiently update the ongoing status through annual reports, appropriately disseminate information, objectively present suitable recommendations, ensure the smooth operation of secretarial elections and satisfactorily assist in the formation of tribal member's resolutions when requested.

The clear and distinct actions of the General Council shall serve as the framework in which the General Council Agency will act to serve the people of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

Agent Contact Info


Wittenberg Agents
Myrna Littlewolf Sr. Delegate
VACANT Alternate

Milwaukee Agents
Muriel Whiteagle-Lee Delegate
Melody Whiteagle-Fintak Alternate

St.Paul/Minneapolis Agent
Rosetta Hunt Delegate

Rhonda Hunt Alternate

Wisconsin Dells Agents
Roger Thundercloud Delegate
Manda Mann Alternate

Baraboo Agent 
Kim Crowley Delegate
Kristin Whiteeagle Alternate

Chicago Agents
Nathan Dall Delegate
Mary Mullen Alternate

Black River Falls Agents

Melissa Olvera Delegate
Maynard Rave Jr. Alternate

La Crosse Agents
Michael Sallaway Delegate
Paul Krause Alternate


Wisconsin Rapids Agents
Merlin Crow Delegate Chairman
Celena Twinn Alternate

Tomah Agents
Donna Littlegeorge Delegate
William Hopinkah Alternate
no e-mail address at this time

Green Bay Agents
Mary Lopez Delegate
Dawn Lopez Alternate

Madison Agent
Brenda Neff Delegate
Saresa Ryckman  Alternate
Mauston Agents
Sanford Decorah Delegate
Jim Delarosa Alternate


General Council Agency Vacancies



In accordance with General Council Agency By-Laws ARTICLE III - Section 5 (A) agent Vacancies shall be posted in the tribal newsletter once, Section 5(B) when a vacancy on the Agency exists, nominations for new members may be made at their respective area legislative monthly meeting. 


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