General Council Legal Counsel

This year is a historic first for General Council Branch of Government within the Ho-Chunk Nation. The Office of the General Council has secured and retained Swimmer Law Office LLC to represent the General Council Branch. John Swimmer is the primary Attorney that the Office of the General Council and General Council will be working with.

Their primary purpose will be to draft and work toward implementing statutes and policies to aid the General Council in performing its constitutional role as provided in the Ho-Chunk Nation Constitution. The following is an illustrative list of services available:
  1. Attend monthly Office of the General Council meetings;
  2. Draft policies and procedures for the General Council;
  3. Advise on Indian law issues;
  4. Draft statutes for implementation by the Ho-Chunk Nation legislature;
  5. Advise on legal issues and interpret constitutional questions;
  6. Draft legal opinions; and
  7. Perform other legal services as requested by the General Council or the Office of General Council.