General Council Meeting Procedures

On June 5, 2007, during the General Run-off, there was a referendum ballot with the General Council Meeting Procedures from a Ho-Chunk Nation member, General Council Contract Service Provider, and General Council Office.

On the ballot, there was 3 choices marked A, B, and C representing the 3 General Council Meeting Procedures options.The scenario with the highest number of votes from this referendum vote and was to be adopted at the next Annual General Council Meeting.

At the 2007 Annual General Council Meeting there was a motion to officially adopt resolution 10-20-07 C General Council Procedure Scenario B. Which passed with a vote of 1049 yes, 150 no, and 230 abstaining for a total of 1429 votes cast.

Please review scenario B and if you have comments or questions; contact the Office of the General Council. Pine Giroux or Brook Funmaker, GCA Advocates, 800-294-9343 ext. 1070 or 1075.

Scenario B:

Constitution of the Ho-Chunk Nation 1994:
Article IV - General Council Section 3. pg 3 Powers retained by the General Council (d) The General Council retains the power to establish its own procedures in accordance with this Constitution.
Article IV - General Council Section 3 pg 4 Powers retained by the General Council (f) Actions by the General Council shall be binding.
General Council Meeting Procedures (2007)

1. Admission

Admission to Annual or Special General Council meeting shall be open to Ho-Chunk Nation members.

2. Roll Call

Established through registration.

3. Call to Order

General Council may be called to order by any Ho-Chunk Member.

4. Determination of quorum

Quorum may be established through electronic registration. Confirmation of quorum will be tested throughout the day by random sampling. No action by General Council is valid without quorum.

5. Prayer and song

6. Selection of Presiding Chair of the General Council

When quorum is attained, the General Council shall select either the President or another person to conduct the meeting.
A. Nominations shall be made from the floor; the floor will be open for 5 minutes
A1. Any Ho-Chunk Nation member may nominate any enrolled Ho-Chunk Nation member present.
A2. There must be a motion to close nominations from the floor before voting on chairperson.

7. Presiding Chair shall appoint the Recording Secretary

A. The chairperson shall select a Ho-Chunk Nation member as the official Recording Secretary.
B. The Recording Secretary shall record all business of the General Council meeting.
C. The Recording Secretary may ask for assistance; however there will be only one official Recording Secretary for the General Council meeting.

8. Meeting Minutes

The Recording Secretary shall take, or cause to be taken, minutes of the meeting. The minutes shall include, at a minimum, the following:
1. Time of meeting called to order.
2. Roll Call
3. Time quorum was established
4. Record if at any time quorum was lost and regained
5. A record or summary of all motions, proposals, resolutions or other matter formally voted upon, the results of the vote.
6. Times when body is recessed, if applicable.
7. Time of adjournment
It is also the responsibility of the recording secretary to submit the Official signed minutes of the General Council to the Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature no less than 5 days after the General Council has adjourned.

9. Sergeant at arms

The Bear Clan, peacekeepers of the Ho-Chunk Nation, shall be the designated security to insure safety and order of the meeting. Duties include:
A. Maintain order
B. Remove from premises any member(s) who displays any lack of respect after 3 warnings
C. Assist the Presiding Chair to maintain order during the meeting.

10. Agenda

General council will follow a standard form of operations as accepted by Ho-Chunk Nation that will utilize the following guidelines for conducting a meeting:
A. Roll call
B. Call to order:
C. Determination of quorum
D. Opening prayer
E. Meeting minutes (previous general council meeting)
F. Reports
1. Legislative Branch
2. Judicial Branch

G. Unfinished business

H. New business
a. Ho-Chunk Nation Members are responsible for their own agenda item.
b. Agenda items will be offered from the floor; the floor will be open for 15 minutes.
c. Agenda shall be approved by vote
d. However, if the General Council has been called for a Special meeting, the Special meeting item shall be the first order of business

11. Procedures for motions
All persons are to use a microphone
A. The Ho-Chunk Nation member shall identify their membership to the Presiding Chair by name, and enrollment number. That person shall have 5 minutes to present motion/resolution, more time if deemed necessary by the Presiding Chair.
B. There must be a second to every motion
C. When deemed appropriate the presiding chairperson will call for the question, end the discussion and voting will begin.

12. Voting

A. Voting on all matters that come before the General Council meeting shall be restricted to enrolled Ho-Chunk Nation members 18 years old and older.
B. Each vote requires that a quorum must be present
C. A simple majority vote shall determine the pass or failure of motions and/or resolutions; with the following exceptions:
C1. Ho-Chunk Nation Constitution Article ii - Membership section 3. Re-enrollment by General Council Pg 2 Any person at least one-fourth (1/4) Ho-Chunk blood who has relinquished membership under Section 2 of this Article may be re-enrolled by a two-thirds(2/3) vote of the General Council, provided , that such individual is not an enrolled member of any other Indian Nation.
C2. Ho-Chunk Nation Constitution Article ii - Membership section 5. Membership code. Pg 2. The legislature shall have the power to enact laws not inconsistent with this Article to govern membership. Removal of any person who is not eligible for membership from the Membership Roll shall be done in accordance with the Membership Code, provided, that such removal is approved by at least a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the General Council.

13. Discussion

A. All General Council members attending shall be allowed the privilege of the floor.
B. After gaining recognition from the chair to speak the speaker shall first clearly state his/her name and Ho-Chunk enrollment number so that the secretary may keep an accurate record of the proceedings
C. If, in the opinion of the chair or the voting body, it becomes necessary to limit discussion because of time constraints, each item will be limited to fifteen (15) minutes total agenda time for discussion. Limits on each speaker may be imposed as determined by presiding chairperson; unless removal or recall proceedings in progress. (When time limits are imposed, a timekeeper shall be used.)
D. No person may speak more than once on a subject until all others who wish to speak have had an opportunity to do so; with the exception of persons subject to a recall or removal.

14. Resolutions and motions

A. Actions taken by resolution are effective ratified immediately.
B. Resolutions and motions are made by Enrolled Ho-Chunk voting members only.

15. Adjournment

The action of adjournment hereby ratifies all binding actions of General Council.


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