Guardians ad litem


The Trial Court must "appoint a guardian ad litem to protect the interests of the child" in every juvenile case. Hocąk Nation Children & Family Act, 4 HCC §§ 3.25b, 3.75a; Third Party Guardianship Act, 4 HCC § 11.12b; Adult Guardianship and Spendthrift Ordinance, 4 HCC § 14.9g(7); see also Ho-Chunk Nation Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 26. The Ho-Chunk Nation Judiciary continually seeks conscientious, caring and dependable individuals to fill this important role. A guardian ad litem serves as an independent advocate and informs the Court of a child's interests in child protection actions and guardianship matters.
The Ho-Chunk Nation Trial Court will hold training sessions for the certification of Guardians ad Litem and lay advocates this fall. A Guardian ad Litem (often known as a "GAL") is a trained individual appointed by the Court in cases involving juveniles and vulnerable adults. A GAL serves as the Court's "eyes and ears," determining the best interests of an individual by conducting interviews, investigations and home visits.  Court appointed GALs are compensated for their time and expenses. GAL training is currently scheduled for November 14 - 16, 2016.

Here is the 2016 Guardian ad litem Training Agenda.

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