Legislative Meetings

Legislative meetings are held the first FULL week of the month and the third week on Tuesdays (and Wednesdays if necessary).

In accordance with the Constitution of the Ho-Chunk Nation:
Section 8: Meetings. The Legislature shall hold regular monthly meetings. The Legislature may hold special meetings as necessary.

In accordance with the Legislative Organization Act (LOA):
Section 9: Regular or Special meetings of the Legislature.

(1) Attendance. The Vice President and every other Legislator shall be present at every duly called meeting of the Legislature unless excused or necessarily prevented from attending. Legislators shall be considered necessarily prevented from attending a duly called meeting of the Legislature only by the following: death in the immediate family, hazardous weather, serious illness supported by a physician or dentist statement or hospitalization, jury duty, court appearances during business of the Nation and for annual leave, sick leave, or Waksik Wosga leave, and for approved official business travel for the Nation. Legislators prevented from attending a meeting or arriving on time for a meeting will notify the Legislative Office not later than 8:30am on the day of any meeting of the Legislature as published on the monthly Legislative Calendar, unless a emergency precludes proper notification.

(2) The Legislature shall have the discretion to excuse or not excuse absences of Legislators for Regular Meetings and Special Meetings in accordance with this section. The Legislature shall ahve the discretion to excuse or not excuse absences of the Vice President for Regular or Special Meetings in accordance with the LOA.

(4) Quorum. Quorum shall be either six (6) of the eleven (11) Legislators and the President (total of 7) or, in the absence of the President, seven (7) Legislators, to include the Vice President (total of 7). The seven (7) members must be physically present to constitute a quorum for Regular or Special meetings. In teh vent that less than eleven (11) Legislators are seated (elected and sworn in) a majority of seated Legislators are required for quorum.

Section 10-b states: Legislative Meeting Location:
(1) The Legislature shall designate the location of the next Legislative Meetings by motion prior to adjournment. Ratification of that motion is not required.

(2) Only in the case of an emergency and where there is less than forty-eight (48) hours notice, the Vice President or his/her designee in consultation with a majority of the Legislators may change the specified location of a Legislative Meeting. Each Legislator and the Office of the President shall be notified via e-mail and by phone or in person and such notice posted in accordance with the Nation's Open Meetings Act.