Article VI


Section 1. Composition of the Executive Branch.

(a) The Executive power of the Ho-Chunk Nation shall be vested in the President of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

(b) The Executive Branch shall be composed of any administrative Departments created by the Legislature, including a Department of the Treasury, Justice, Administration, Housing, Business, Health, and Social Services, Education, Labor, and Personnel, and other Departments deemed necessary by the Legislature. Each Department shall include an Executive Director, a Board of Directors, and necessary employees. The Executive Director of the Department of Justice shall be called the Attorney General of the Ho-Chunk Nation. The Executive Director of the Department of the Treasury shall be called the Treasurer of the Ho-Chunk Nation.  [Amendment III adopted May 6, 2009 by operation of law which separated the Department of Health and Social Services into two (2) separate departments - Department of Health and the Department of Social Services.] 

Section 2. Powers of the President.

The President shall have the power:

(a) To execute and administer the laws of the Ho-Chunk Nation, including the right to veto within fourteen (14) calendar days any action of the Legislature unless overturned by the Legislature pursuant to Article V Section 2(y).  The President cannot retroactively veto Legislation passed before enactment of this Amendment;

(b) To make recommendations to the Legislature on matters of interest or benefit to the Nation;

(c) To propose legislation and an annual budget to the Legislature;

(d) To administer all Departments, boards, and committees created by the Legislature;

(e) To nominate the Executive Directors of each Department subject to confirmation by the Legislature except that if a confirmation vote is not taken by the Legislature within ninety (90) days the nomination shall be deemed confirmed; 

(f) To remove an Executive Director of a Department or to reassign an Executive Director to another position;

(g) To select and hire personnel in accordance with applicable law;

(h) To preside over meetings of the Legislature;

(i) To cast the deciding vote in the Legislature in case of a tie;

(j) To call Annual and Special Meetings of the General Council;

(k) To represent the Ho-Chunk Nation on all matters that concern its interests and welfare; 

(l) To execute, administer, and enforce the laws of the Ho-Chunk Nation necessary to exercise all powers delegated by the General Council and the Legislature, including but not limited to the foregoing list of powers.

Section 3. Qualifications.

The President shall be at least thirty-five (35) years old and eligible to vote. No person convicted of a felony shall serve as President unless pardoned. 

Section 4. Compensation.

The President shall receive reasonable compensation. No increase or decrease in compensation for the office of President shall take effect until after the next General Election.

Section 5. Term of Office.

The President shall serve four (4) year terms not to exceed two (2) consecutive four (4) year terms, which shall be staggered unless the President's first term is filling a vacancy under Article IX of Constitution, it will not count as a term for purposes of this section. The President shall serve until a successor has been sworn into office. The President shall be elected by a majority vote of the eligible voters of the Ho-Chunk Nation.