Article VIII


Section 1. General Elections.

General Elections shall be held on the first Tuesday in June of odd numbered years. Offices of the Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary shall be filled at General Elections. 

Section 2. Special Elections.

Special Elections shall be held when called for by the General Council, the Legislature, or by this Constitution or appropriate ordinances. In all Special Elections, notice shall be provided to the voters.

Section 3. Election Code.

The Legislature shall enact an Election Code governing all necessary election procedures at least one hundred and twenty (120) days before the election. 

Section 4. Election Board.

The Legislature shall enact a law creating an Election Board. The Election Board shall conduct all General and Special Elections. At least sixty (60) days before the election, the Election Board may adopt rules and regulations governing elections. Election Board members shall serve for two (2) years. Election Board members may serve more than one term. The Legislature may remove Election Board members for good cause.

Section 5. Eligible Voters.

Any member of the Ho-Chunk Nation who is at least eighteen (18) years old and who meets all other requirements established by the Ho-Chunk Nation shall be eligible to vote. 

Section 6. Certification of Election Results.

The Election Board shall certify election results within three (3) days after the date of the election.

Section 7. Challenges of Election Results.

Any member of the Ho-Chunk Nation may challenge the results of any election by filing suit in the Trial Court within ten (10) days after the Election Board certifies the election results. The Trial Court shall hear and decide a challenge to any election within twenty (20) days after the challenge is filed in the Trial Court. 

Section 8. Oath of Office.

The Election Board shall administer the oath for the offices of President, Legislature, and Judiciary on the 4th Wednesday following the election after the Election Board certifies the Election results.