Department of Administration
Support services and staff necessary for effective operation of the Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and General Council Branches of government.

Executive Facilities

HoCak Worak
The Hocak Worak is a periodical published twice monthly by the Ho-Chunk Nation.

The Realty Division was created to serve the Ho-Chunk Nation and its members by providing services including but not limited to: acquisition and disposal, mapping, locating, retrieving, storing and maintaining records regarding Ho-Chunk Nation lands.

Department of Business
The Ho-Chunk Department of Business shall maximize the profitability of all the Nation’s business enterprises through effective management and administration.

Gaming Locations
The locations of the various gaming facilities within the Ho-Chunk Nation

Retail and Other Enterprises

Department of Education 
The Education Division establishes programs to provide financial and supportive services to Ho-Chunk Nation Tribal members in support of their educational goals.

Culture and Community
The Ho-Chunk Nation Financial Literacy Program policies and documents.

Services, direct case management, training, and technical assistance.

Head Start
Program policies, applications, documentation, and other information.

Higher Education
The Ho-Chunk Nation Scholarship Program, financial aid, and tax filing statement.

Hoocak Ee Cooni Learning Center
A collaboration between the Education and Language Departments.

School Community Relations
The Ho-Chunk Nation’s Pre k-12 educational grant program.

Department of Health
Provides public health care services throughout different divisions in order to improve the health and well being of its tribal members.

Department of Heritage Preservation
Research, archive, protect, conserve, and perpetuate the traditional and natural resources of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

Division of Natural Resources

Request information, change address, mail-order requests for duplication Tribal ID Card, voluntary tax withholding, Tribal Enrollment Application Request

Language Division


Veterans Affairs

Department of Housing
Find Department of Housing Establishment Act, mission statement and policies of the Department of Housing. *applications for Snow Removal, Elder Roof and Spring Clean-up information.

Heavy Equipment Division
The Heavy Equipment Division assists the Ho-Chunk Nation membership, Department of Housing Divisions, and various Ho-Chunk Nation departments with site development, land clearing, tree removal, and snow plowing requests. *applications for Heavy Equipment Assistance, Paved Driveway Application.

Home Ownership Program
The Home Ownership Division assists HCN Elders, Non-Elders and Veterans with New Home Construction, Existing Home Refinance, and Existing Home Purchase through the HOP and VHOP program.

Rental Division
Rental Management offers an affordable safe housing option to HCN members in several communities in Districts 1-3 and Minneapolis, MN in District 4. *Rental Management Application

Roads Division
The Ho-Chunk Nation Roads Division plans, develops, constructs, and maintains the roads relative to the Ho-Chunk Nation’s residential and enterprise properties.

Department of Justice 
Compliance, Contract Division, Election Board, Ho-Chunk Nation Police Department, and Surveilance

Find mission statement and duties of the Compliance Division.

Contract Division
Find the mission statement and duties of the Contract Division.

Election Board
Find the mission statement and duties of the Election Board.

Ho-Chunk Nation Police Department
Find the mission statement, duties and additional information regarding the Police Department.

Find the mission statement and duties of the Surveillance Division.

Department of Labor 
Provides job skills training opportunities for Ho-Chunk members and employees to promote a sustainable workforce.

477 Federal Program
The 477 Program shall provide employment services to enhance tribal member’s job skills to assist then in becoming self-sufficient as well as providing workplace safety programs and resources.

Elder Program
The Elder Community Work Program shall safeguard the interest of the Nation’s most valuable resource: Ho-Chunk elders.

The mission of the Occupational Safety and Health Division is to maintain a healthy and safe work environment through compliance enforcement of current Ho-Chunk Nation Code (HCC) and Federal standards, regulations, and codes.

Tribal Workforce Development
The Tribal Workforce Training & Development Division’s mission is to assist the Nation in recruitment and retention, success planning, training and development programs for tribal members.

Department of Personnel
The Department of Personnel strives to keep accurate personnel records on employees of the Ho-Chunk Nation, providing courteous customer service while assisting employees and potential employees through the hiring process. Within the Department of Personnel, the Insurance Division is there to assist employees with their insurance needs.

Employee Assistance Programs
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can provide employees with the skills needed to understand and cope with problems or situations before they develop into more serious concerns.

Department of Social Services
We are here to provide holistic preventative and protective services or referrals to each tribal member, from the very youngest to the most elite of elders. Our goal is to provide services in an effort to increase the self-sufficiency of the tribal membership while maintaining the inherent traditions and customs of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

Children and Family Services
We are here to to establish safety and focus on the well-being of families and children who are eligible for prevention, at-risk and protective services. To engage the family in defining skills and services they need to strengthen and stabilize their family according to Ho-Chunk tradition and customs. To address the effects of inter-generational trauma and create opportunities for change within the redefined family system.

Child Support Agency

Community Supportive Services
To provide assistance to Ho-Chunk members and their families to ensure a better quality of life by strengthening our communities.

Independent Living Facility
To provide a supportive and quality environment for our Elders.

Domestic Abuse Services
The Domestic Abuse Division serves adult women and men, native and non-native, statewide, who have experienced domestic or sexual violence.

Tribal Aging Unit
Ensure all Ho-Chunk Elders daily needs are met related to; Nutrition, Health, Home and Safety

Youth Services
To empower youth K-12 to become productive member of the societies in which they live.

Department of Treasury
safeguard the assets of the Nation and provide accurate and timely information to enable management to make sound decisions.

A list of the Ho-Chunk Nation’s current solicitations

Budgetary Assistance Program
The Budgetary Assistance Program provides budgetary assistance to enrolled tribal members who elect to have their quarterly income disbursed throughout the quarter.

Per Cap Advance Application
Per Capita advance policy and application,

Tribal member Payroll Card
Per Capita Direct Deposit Authorization Form Referencing Pay Card Instruction