Mission Statement

The Higher Education Division is to provide guidance and financial assistance to Ho-Chunk members who intend to pursue a post secondary education. Scholarships are granted as a privilege with the intent that graduates will return to the Ho-Chunk Nation to use their knowledge and expertise to protect and strengthen the economic self-sufficiency and sovereignty of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

Ho-Chunk Nation Scholarship Program

The Ho-Chunk Scholarship Program provides financial resources to help enrolled Ho-Chunk members complete a progressive post secondary degree. The recipients must attend a nonprofit Title IV regionally accredited institution. The Ho-Chunk Scholarship Program is intended for students working toward degree completion.

Financial Aid and Tax Filing Statement

In order to receive a Ho-Chunk Nation Scholarship, students are required to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with accurate information. Accurate information includes a declaration of all funds acquired from Ho-Chunk gaming revenue (e.g. per capita) and the full value of the student’s Children’s Trust Fund, if applicable. Failure to completely and accurately file one’s taxes and/or FAFSA will make any student ineligible for a Ho-Chunk Nation Scholarship until such discrepancies are resolved.