Election Board

The Ho-Chunk Nation is mandated by the Constitution of the Ho-Chunk Nation to hold General, Special and Constitutional Elections. The Election Board is comprised of twelve (12) Delegates and twelve (12) Alternates and each representing their respective District. The Election Board meets on an as needed basis such as: when the Constitution requires them to conduct an Election, they are named as defendants or plaintiffs in a law suit, discuss revisions to the applicable laws governing elections, certify elections and to discuss personnel matters that affect the Election Board and it’s office staff.

The Election Board is vital to the Ho-Chunk Nation’s membership. The Election Board is open to serve its members Monday-Friday just as all the other Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branch offices are open. The Election Board Office Administrator serves Tribal members by answering questions regarding the removal and recall of elected officials. When and if the Tribal member feels they want to exercise their right to petition for recall, the Election Board Office Administrator disseminates the proper legal documentation to them.

The Election Board and the Election Board Office Administrator has managed to develop and maintain a high level of continuity and professionalism when conducting elections for the Ho-Chunk Nation. The Office Administrator and the Election Board’s priority is to conduct all Tribal Elections in a fair and impartial manner.