Mission Statement: we use the Department of Social Services Mission Statement as ours since we are a division of Social Services.

Our Philosophy is outlined in the HCN Child Support Code:

Ho-Chunk Nation parents have a responsibility of caring for their children, bonding with then, making sure they are safe, and providing for all their basic needs.

Aunts, uncles, grandparents and other extended family members assist the parents and their children when they need help by advising the parents in decision-making, showing love to the children, teaching values and respect, and taking over in parents’ absence. Grandparents share with their grandchildren the wisdom of their experience and traditional values.

The Ho-Chunk Nation Trial Court is the most appropriate forum for deciding issues related to the well-being of a child who is a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation family. It is the policy of the Ho-Chunk Nation to consider carefully the circumstances of each family and to treat each family individually.

The Ho-Chunk Nation Child Support Agency is 100% federally funded.

The functions of the Ho-Chunk Nation Child Support Agency are limited to IV-D functions:

  • Establish paternity: Identifying and legally determining the father of a child.
  • Establishment of Support: The total dollar amount of child support, including but not limited to payments for current custodial child support, custodial arrears, cash medical support and the child’s share of health insurance, that the paying party is obligated to pay to meet his/her current financial duty to support his/her child as established through judicial and/or administrative process.
  • Enforcement: The enforcement of court orders for support, including the registration and enforcement of child support orders from a foreign jurisdiction.
  • Locate: locating absent parents and their assets, for the purpose of child support.

This is the organizational chart for the child support agency. The department of Justice has one attorney assigned to the child support agency, which is paid from the child support federal grant.

Division Director………….…….. Linda Moser-Buse .. linda.moser-buse@ho-chunk.com
Lead Specialist …………….……. Roxanne Mudd .. roxanne.mudd@ho-chunk.com
Child Support Specialist …….. Courtnay Funmaker-Dick .. courtnay.funmaker@ho-chunk.com
Child Support Specialist …….. Naomi Rich .. naomi.rich@ho-chunk.com
Child Support Specialist ……..Travis Cloud .. travis.cloud@ho-chunk.com
Financial Specialist ………..….. Alfreda Skye .. alfreda.skye@ho-chunk.com
Child Support Clerk ……….…. Julia Littlewolf .. julia.littlewolf@ho-chunk.com