To provide assistance to Ho-Chunk members and their families to ensure a better quality of life by strengthening our communities.

CSS Division programs include:

Economic Assistance Program

Provides financial assistance to qualifying tribal members in financial distress to attain or retain basic living needs. (Application/checklist, job search form, budget form, W9 form links here.)

Fredricka Miner, EAP Program Manager: Ext. 5104

Child Care Assistance Program

Provides financial assistance for child care to Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of our Ho-Chunk children. This program operates on a voucher system with payment going directly to the licensed child care provider. (CCAP Handbook link here.)

Bonita Rhymer, CCAP Program Manager: Ext. 5148

Coordinated Services Team (CST)

To facilitate wrap around services, find additional resources, and advocate for youth with all involved based on the youth’s specific needs.

Qualifying for CST Services- A child having needs in two of the following areas:
Behavioral Health (Mental Health/AODA)
Academically Challenged- Individual Education Plan (IEP)
Medically Fragile or Physically Disabled
Child Welfare Services (ICW, Child Protection, Juvenile Justice)
At Risk for Out of Home Placement
Other Interventions Have Not Yet Been Successful
Most Importantly: Parents are willing to be involved in the CST process

Jacqueline Gunderson, CST: Ext. 5114

Family Services Program: Life Skills Coordinators

Provides culturally infused prevention education and recovery support to any Ho-Chunk members and also their communities.

Self-Empowerment is the main goal for our Life Skills Coordinators. Helping you build your confidence and regain control of your life in all aspects can be worked towards within this program. These efforts may include collaborating with other programs to best assist you in reaching your goals.

You will find Life Skills Coordinators working within our HCN Youth Centers, various county jails, as well as in many of our Ho-Chunk based communities providing culturally infused workshops and one on one assistance. Let us know how we can assist you.

Barbara Blackdeer-Mackenzie, FSP Supervisor: Ext. 5184
Gail Greendeer, Life Skills Coordinator: Ext. 5121
Nyree Kedrowski, Life Skills Coordinator: Ext. 5143
Faye Begay, Life Skills Coordinator: Ext. 5132
Amanda Richmond, Life Skills Coordinator: Ext. 5188
Macy Goodbear, Life Skills Coordinator (Wittenberg/Green Bay): Ext. 3053

Clan Mothers

To revive an age-old tradition of our elders teaching our young. Come learn about your Clan identity and roles, Ho-Chunk relationships, and gain a better understanding of the importance of spirituality.

Myrtle Long: Ext. 5123
Sheryl Cook: Ext. 5108

Clan Mothers:
Bernice Blackdeer
Barbara Goodbear
Myrna Thompson
Ruth Decorah
Marie Lewis
Roberta Decorah
Janice Rice
Ernestine Helgesen
Myrtle Long