Treasury Department

Requests for Reprints/Income Verification

Depending on how per cap is received, per capita advances or pay stubs are mailed by Treasury to each tribal member as payments are disbursed. The advances or pay stubs can be used as verification of per capita received and contain year-to-date information. Please ensure that you keep your address up to date with the enrollment department so your pay stubs make it to you for every disbursement.

For reprints of per capita advances or pay stubs plus additional verification requests, Treasury will charge a $5.00 fee similar to the fee charged for reprints of 1099’s and W-2’s. The same form is filled out for income verifications and document reprints.

A completed notarized form along with payments can be directed to the Treasury Front Desk. At this time, Treasury can only accept 3 modes of payment: Cash at the front desk (correct change only), checks or money orders made out to Ho-Chunk Nation. Per Capita Verification Request for Information forms are available in Treasury and on the Ho-Chunk Nation website.

Other Treasury Forms