The Ho-Chunk Nation Procurement Closed Bids Archive

Here’s a list of our archived procurement opportunities. Click on a topic to see the previously open RFP.

Bid NumberRequest TopicProposal Due DateStatus
1000Infor Lawson Software Implementation3/13/2018Awarded
42618WBSTEWebsite Services for the Ho-Chunk Nation9/5/2018Awarded
070518STRATPLANStrategic Plan Services for Tribal Government Organization9/6/2018Awarded
111717HCN401KPerform Audit on Employee Benefit Plan (401k) for a Tribal Governmental Organization12/15/2017Awarded
111811HCNAUDTAudit Services for a Tribal Governmental Organization 4/25/2018Awarded
091918MUSCULCENConsultant to Provide Exhibit Fabrication and Installation 11/28/2018Cancelled
HCNHOMECARE113018Provide Supportive & Personal Home Care for After Hours Care of Tribal Members01/17/2019Closed
HCNPEN12192018Provide Logo Pen Supply for HCN Gaming Facilities01/23/2019Closed
HCNHEALTHMICRODWS2019Provide Various Microsoft Licenses for the Ho-Chunk Nation Health Department Facilities 6/20/2019Awarded
RHCNHOUSEPLUMBINGDWS2019Provide Plumbing Materials and Labor for Ho-Chunk Nation Housing Facilities7/18/2019Closed
RHCNHOUSESNOWREMOVALDWS2019Provide Snow Removal Services for Ho-Chunk Nation Housing Facilities7/18/2019Closed
RHCNHOUSELAWNCAREDWS2019For Lawn-care Services for Ho-Chunk Nation Housing Facilities7/18/2019Closed
RHCNHOUSETREEREMOVALDWS2019For Tree Removal Services for Ho-Chunk Nation Housing Facilities7/18/2019Closed
RHCNHOUSEAPPREPAIRDWS2019HCN Housing Dept - Residential Appliance Repair7/16/2019Closed
RHCNHOUSEHVACDWS2019HCN Housing Dept - Residential HVAC Services07/16/2019Closed
RHCNHOUSEAPPLIANCEDWS2019HCN Housing Dept - Residential New Appliance Provider07/16/2019Closed