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Legislative Department Homepage
The Legislative Branch makes laws, codes, and ordinance resolutions; they also create statues which authorize expenditures by adopting the Ho-Chunk Nation fiscal year budget.

45 Day Comment
Public comments are welcome and encouraged for updating or creating new laws.

Ho-Chunk Nation Laws
The Legislature has the power to: makes laws, including codes, ordinances, resolutions, and statutes.

Legislative Meetings
The Legislature shall hold regular monthly meetings. All meetings of the Legislature shall be open to all members of the Nation, except when in Executive Session.

Tribal Resolutions
Formal expression of opinion of the Legislature on matters of temporary interest.

This Constitution shall be the supreme law over all territory and persons within the jurisdiction of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

Redistricting results were certified on October 13, 2018, with the Resolution acknowledging the history of the redistricting being 5/21/19.

Amendment Number XVI adopted 1/26/2016 and approved by the Secretary on 2/11/2016.

Legislative Committees
Committees created by the Legislature pursuant to Chapter III herein to assist it in exercising its powers, including Legislative oversight.

District Meetings
Members of the Legislature shall hold and attend regularly scheduled meetings in their respective Districts.