President WhiteEagle signs Child Abuse Prevention Month proclamation


At the March 15 Jackson County Board of Supervisors meeting, Ho-Chunk Nation President Marlon WhiteEagle signed a Proclamation designating April 2021 as Child Abuse Prevention Month.
His signature was among the signatures from Chairman Ray Ransom, Sheriff Duane Waldera, BRF Police Chief Jeremy Isensee, and Jackson County Department of Health and Human Services Director Christine Hovell.
The proclamation stated that the DHHS Children and Families Division received 385 reports of child abuse in 2020. It goes on to say that effective child abuse prevention programs succeed because of partnerships among non-profit agencies, schools, religious organizations, law enforcement agencies, and the business community.
“Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Jackson County Board of Supervisors urges all citizens, organizations, and businesses to be aware of the signs of child abuse and neglect, and to provide assistance when able, to help parents raise our community’s children in safe nurturing environments,” the proclamation stated.
“It is further resolved that the Jackson County Board of Supervisors proclaims that April 2021 will be recognized as Child Abuse Prevention Month,” it stated.