Notice of Vacancies – Veterans Affairs Advisory Board



Veterans Affairs Advisory Board

District 1: Primary and Alternate

District 2: Alternate

District 3: Primary and Alternate

District 4: Primary and Alternate

Board members and alternates serve two-year terms and may serve more than one term.

The powers and duties of the Board are as follows:

  1. Advise the Division of Veterans Affairs with planning, development, maintenance, and coordination of veterans programs, which focus on providing the Nations veterans with access to services, benefits, and opportunities available through federal, state, and tribal organizations.
  2. Review and make recommendations to the President and Legislature on matters affecting the Nations veterans.
  3. Promote the views, needs, and concerns of the veterans in tribal, county, state, and federal policies and decisions.
  4. Provide information and personal support to individual veterans.
  5. Advocate for and report to their respective District veterans.

Application Deadline: February 16, 2024

If you are a veteran interested in serving on the VAAB, please contact the HCN Veterans Affairs office: or