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The Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature has received numerous questions regarding the financial literacy portion of the Per Capita Distribution Ordinance (2 HCC § 12). Specifically, two questions have been presented:

1) does the financial literacy mandate, under the education requirements, extend to all graduating classes after the graduating class of 2017? and

2) if a tribal member fails to meet the educational requirement of obtaining a high school diploma by the age of 25, do they still need to complete the financial literacy piece in order to receive the money of their trust fund upon reaching 25?

As a little history, the Children’s Trust Fund (“CTF”) Task Force was created per legislative resolution on August 31, 2010. The CTF Task Force worked with the Hocak Worak to keep tribal membership updated on its work. Further, a public survey was done in the summer of 2012 to garner input on the Per Capita Distribution Ordinance. Input regarding criteria for minors was of particular interest. The survey garnered 466 responses. Survey responses were reviewed and various alternatives were discussed, including the addition of financial literacy requirements.

Additionally, the Legislature placed the Per Capita Distribution Ordinance out for a 90-day public comment period in January 2014. In February 2014, public forums were held with tribal membership in Black River Falls, Tomah, Baraboo, and Wittenberg to review the Ordinance and obtain feedback on potential amendments affecting the distribution of per capita funds to minors. Feedback was discussed, as well as proposed amendments to the Per Capita Distribution Ordinance, with the CTF Task Force on May 19, 2014. The conversation continued through various legislative meetings following the May 19, 2014 meeting.

MOTION by Rep. Susan Waukon to adopt Resolution 11-18-14A, Amendments to the HCN Per Capita Distribution Ordinance, Adopting General Amendments and with the Financial Literacy Requirement, with an effective date of 2017, and language regarding the release of funds. Second by Rep. Henning Garvin. 7- 5(VP Heather Cloud, Rep. Kathyleen Whiterabbit, Rep. David Greendeer, Rep. Forrest Whiterabbit, and Rep. Robert TwoBears)-1 (Rep. Andrea Estebo). MOTION CARRIED.

Ultimately, on November 18, 2014, the Legislature adopted general and financial literacy amendments to the Ordinance.

The Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature would now appreciate comments from the tribal membership on how to address the above posed questions within the Ordinance. Two examples are provided to begin the conversation, but all thoughts and comments are welcome on the Ordinance as a whole. To submit comments please send to Legislative Paralegal Vicki Shisler at vicki.shisler@ho-chunk.com.

Last, the Legislature is aware of ongoing issues with trust funds and the Social Security Administration. These issues may require additional amendments to assist protecting tribal members, whom have trust funds and who need/receive social security. Continuing research is being done on how best to provide such protections.

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