2020 Annual Address Verification Notice from the HCN Office of Tribal Enrollment


In accordance to HCC § 12, Per Capita Distribution Ordinance, Sec.7c. Each member shall be required to submit an annual address verification form (either paper or electronic) to the Enrollment Office in accordance with the procedures and instructions promulgated by the Enrollment Office.

Please take notice of the following very important information

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ho-Chunk Nation leadership had to make the difficult decision to implement an emergency plan to only maintain employees to perform the critical functions and services within the Nation’s governmental structure. Please take note of the following AVF Schedule:

AVF 2020 Schedule & Deadlines

– July 30th : All Change of Address must be in by 2:00 PM

– August 3rd : Member Address will be updated on AVF.

– August 7th : AVF files will be sent to the Print Shop

– September 1st : Re-Call Staff and Mail AVF’s

– September 9th : Testing Electronic AVF program

– September 15th : Mid–Month Per Cap Check Run and – Uncheck PC Eligible box

– September 17th : Electronic AVF program opens

– October 15th : AVF Due Date @ 4:30 pm

– NOVEMBER 1, 2020 Per Cap Day!!

It is very important that you keep your address current. The Change of Address (COA) form can be found on the Nations website at https:/ho-chunknation.com. (The Enrollment Office is not responsible for sending your AVF to the wrong address if you fail to provide a current and correct address by the deadline above). On the other hand, if you know your address is correct, do not submit a COA unnecessarily, as we are still operating short staffed and unnecessary submission deters the staff
from being efficient.

Although mail and faxes are still accepted and retrieved from the Office twice a week, the most efficient way to submit your COA form (not AVF) to the Enrollment Office is to email to:

*Office of Tribal Enrollment forms are available online @ http://www.ho-chunknation.com/tribal-members under the Forms section.