2020 General Council Planning Volunteer District Representatives & Alternates (Updated 01/10/2020)


Ho-Chunk Nation Office of General Council Announcement

The time has come to Select from Volunteers in your areas …

After each District has selected and voted in their respective Representatives and Alternates. Please forward the names, denoting Representative or Alternate; and contact information for each selected tribal member to GCB@ho-chunk.com by February 28, 2020.

Please note: This is a Voluntary status. Each committee member may or may not be compensated, as it is dependent upon the budget; and then each Volunteers’ completed tasks and participation.

The duties of the Representatives/Alternates are listed below:

  1. Any GC Planning Volunteer who misses 3 scheduled GC Planning meetings without good cause can or may be removed by a majority vote.
  2. Upon a resignation or removal of a Volunteer, a new Volunteer shall be selected by their respective community.
  3. Shall assist the Office of General Council staff with preparation, implementation, during and after the Annual General Council meeting.
  4. Ensure food and beverage is available to tribal members for the duration of the General Council meeting.
  5. Attend your respective area meetings, in order to report for tribal member’s requests for information regarding the General Council meeting.
  6. Acknowledge tribal members recommendations throughout the year.
  7. To make recommendations of the General Council, if the committee deems necessary.

If you have questions, concerns or recommendations, please call or e-mail the Office of General Council staff at GCB@ho-chunk.com.

Thank you for your time and attention; and the Office of General Council staff looks forward to continuing the preparation for the 2020 Annual General Council meeting with the General Council District Volunteers.

The composition is shown below, along with District vacancies:

  • District 1 – 6 VDistrict 1 – 1 Vacant (1 Alt.) Kelly Jo Funmaker (BRF)
    • Black River Falls
      • HCN TOB-W9814 Airport Road BRF, WI
    • Wausau
      • Quality INN-2901 Hummingbird Road Wausau, WI
  • District 2 – 2 Vacant – (1 Rep & 1 Alt.)
    • Baraboo
      • Indian Heights Comm. Bldg-975 Dyer Road  Wis. Dells, WI                                             
    • La Crosse
      • 3 Rivers House-724 Main St. La Crosse, WI
    • Tomah
      • Blue Wing Comm. Bldg-300 Epinal Ave Tomah, WI
  • DDistrict 3 – 2 Vacant- (1 Reps. & 1 Alt.)
    • Green Bay
      • HCN Branch Office-2413 Hazelwood Dr. Green Bay, WI
    • Madison
      • HCN Branch Office-4724 Tradewinds Pkway Madison, WI
    • Milwaukee
      • HCN Branch Office-3501 Howell Ave Milwaukee, WI
    • Wisconsin Rapids
      • CHC Comm. Bldg-916 Chakh-Hah-Chee Nekoosa, WI
    • Wittenberg
      • Siga FM Comm. Bldg-W17634 Radke Rd Wittenberg, WI
  • District 4 – 1 Vacant (1 Alt.) Benjamin Krause (Chicago, IL)
    • Chicago, IL
      • HCN Branch Office-4738 N. Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL
    • Twin Cities, MN –
      • HCN Branch Office-1724 Selby Ave. St. Paul, MN

The Office of the General Council can be reached at
27374 State Highway 21 Ste. 2, Tomah, WI 54660
Phone: (715)284-7891 Fax: (608)372-6092