Administrative Order March 14, 2021


WHEREAS, the General Council delegated authority to the executive branch to enforce the laws and administer funds pursuant to the CONSTITUTION OF THE Ho-CHUNK NATION (CONSTITUTION), Art. IV, § 2; and

WHEREAS, the General Council delegates executive authority to the President of the Ho­ Chunk Nation pursuant to the CONSTITUTION, Art. VI, § I (a); and

WHEREAS, the CONSTITUTION indicates that the President shall of the power to execute and administer the laws of the Ho-Chunk Nation pursuant to the CONSTITUTION, Art. VI, § 2(a); and

WHEREAS, the President holds the power to administer all Departments, boards, and committees created by the Legislature pursuant to the CONSTITUTION, Art VI,§ 2(d); and

WHEREAS, the President routinely enters administrative or executive orders pertaining to the administration of the executive branch.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the President, by the authority vested by the CONSTITUTION and the laws of the Ho-Chunk Nation, enters the following administrative order effective upon the date of signature:

Public indoor gatherings in Ho-Chunk Nation properties is increased to no more than 100 people. Gatherings of more than 100 people are prohibited, unless required in response to an emergency. Enterprise and health care facilities shall be exempt from this limitation. This order shall replace any previous administrative orders regarding public gathering limitations to the extent they conflict with this current order. Mask requirements are still in place and must be worn in Ho-Chunk Nation facilities.

Marlon E. WhiteEagle


Ho-Chunk Nation President