HCN Treasurer Addresses Technical Difficulties

Over the last several weeks, an error in the Lawson program resulted in the Nation matching 100% of the employees 401(k) accounts, in addition to the 2% match. Treasury and Insurance have worked diligently to correct this error and were able to finally complete the corrections last week. 

As a result, some employees may have noticed a withdrawal from their 401(k) accounts.  

If you are concerned about your 401(k) account, please review the transactions over the last eight weeks very carefully.  You should find that the sum of the excess deposits minus the withdrawals net out to zero, and your account should be correct.

If, after careful review, you still feel your account is an error, please send a list of all deposits and withdrawals from your account for the last eight weeks.  Treasury will audit your account and either make corrections, or send you your audited statement in return

Samie Overboe