Driveway Snow Plowing is Available to Ho-Chunk Elders


By Ken Luchterhand

Now that winter has arrived and the snow has been falling, Ho-Chunk Elders can take advantage to a service available to them.

Snow removal assistance is available to assist Ho-Chunk enrolled Elders age 60 and over, but there are some conditions that must be met, according to Ho-Chunk Tribal Aging Services Division Director Greg Blackcoon.

All Elders must include a copy of their deed or other forms of proof of homeownership with the application, must reside at the address provided in the application, and the service will not be provided if someone in the household can perform the shoveling.

This year the snow plowing policy was amended to include additional forms of proof of homeownership including deeds.

Snow removal will generally begin in the early morning hours when there is at least three or more inches of snow after it has stopped snowing. Attempts to plow out driveways of Elders with extreme medical needs will be made in a timely manner.

The Tribal aging Unit and Department of Housing plow drivers will not begin snow removal until the county or township have begun their plowing.

In some cases, plowing can be delayed or denied based on extreme weather or dangerous road conditions.

Elders will be responsible for moving any vehicles or other items in the plow pathway before the plow truck arrives. All pets must in kept indoors or tied out of the area to be plowed.

Well casings, septic vents, utility boxes, and water pipes must be properly marked so that the plow driver is aware of the structures and damage does not occur.

People should be patient when waiting for a snow plow and driver to arrive, since there is a large area to cover and limited amount of people to perform the plowing.

If the driveway is plowed by someone else before the TAU plow truck arrives, the TAU appreciates a call so that an unnecessary trip is avoided.

Applications for snow plowing services can be obtained by contacting any Tribal Aging Unit. A new application must be filled out each year and applications are usually available through a local TAU site each October.

A copy of the snow plowing policy is available at each Tribal Aging Unit and here.