Judge Hunter schedules possible Contempt of Court charges hearing for Sept. 17


On Monday, Aug. 31, Ho-Chunk Nation Trial Court Judge Mary Jo Hunter scheduled a “show cause” hearing telephonically for 10 am Thursday, Sept. 17, of a court violation by the Ho-Chunk Legislature.
The hearing is to listen to argument why Judge Hunter should not hold Vice President Karena Thundercloud and Legislative Attorney Mike Murphy with Contempt of Court.
The “show cause order,” also called an “order to show cause,” mandates that an individual or corporation make a court appearance to explain why the court should not take a proposed action.
Judge Hunter stated that she wasn’t sure if she would be charging other Legislature members present at the meeting with Contempt of Court.
At concern is a possible violation of the “Ex Parte Temporary Restraining Order” issued on Friday, Aug. 28. The order was for members of the Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature not to act upon any budgetary issues that were scheduled for a regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 31.
However, the Legislature did act upon those budget matters by holding a special meeting of the Legislature on Saturday, Aug. 29.
Also under inspection is an Open Meetings violation in which notice and an agenda must be publicly displayed at least 48 hours before the start of the meeting.