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The Department of Business provides management of the revenue-generating operations including the casinos, hotels, C-stores, campgrounds and bingo halls. The Department of Business is responsible for generating the Net Income distribution; these are the funds used for the Ho-Chunk Nation’s governmental services, per-capita payments, and governmental operations.

DOB Mission Statement

To maximize the profitability of all the Nation’s business enterprises through effective management and administration. In doing so, the Department shall safeguard the interests of the Nation, enhance the sovereignty of the Nation, and exercise stewardship over those resources committed to it by the Nation and foreign jurisdictions.

DOB Vision Statement

The vision of the Department of Business is to oversee actionable road maps that administrate, design, develop, and plan the Ho-Chunk Nation’s resources to support our gaming properties involved with Project Forward while continuing to evolve the department of businesses growth capabilities for all Ho-Chunk Nation business.


Robert Mudd – Executive Director of Business

Rob Reider – Senior Marketing Manager

Clint Breed – Executive Chief Financial Officer

Scott Marecek - Business Analyst


Goals for new ventures and markets will be based on the principle of migrating outward from the core services and competencies, capitalizing on existing land holdings, and strengthening and evolving strategic partnerships. The following new markets and ventures have been identified.

Contact Information

PO Box 667
Black River Falls, WI 54615

Phone: (715) 284-9186
Fax: 715-284-1536
Toll Free: 1-800-255-9466