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Vision Statement: The Ho-Chunk Department of Natural Resources shall be responsible for managing, exercising stewardship, and applying sound conservation practices over all of the Nation's lands and natural resources, with the vision to provide long-term cultural, social, political, and economic stability of the Ho-Chunk Nation and conserve, preserve and protect natural resources for future generations.

Additional Staff

Executive Director

Data Coordinator
Karen Green

Land Management Division

The Land Management Division is responsible for land management and conservation practices for all Ho-Chunk Nation tribal lands. The mission is to serve the nation in environmental site assessments, restoration, and preservation. The Lands Specialists work corporately with various agencies such as Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Farm Service Agency (FSA), and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). The Lands Specialists also work with other tribal organizations to ensure that cultural and natural resources are preserved and managed appropriately.

Lands Specialist Staff:

A.J. Mann
Isaiah Funmaker
Paul Youngthunder
Patrick Houghton

Wildlife Division

The Nation strives to preserve and protect cultural heritage by maintaining and restoring wildlife resources associated with tribal lands. The Wildlife Division is responsible for monitoring and enhancing habitat for native species on the Nation’s lands. The Division conducts wildlife surveys, aids in environmental assessments by providing endangered resource reviews and works closely HCN internal departments and collaborates with the State and Federal agencies in the management of wildlife resources. This Division collects data to reveal information about wild life population, distribution, habitat-use, and many aspects necessary for identifying the overall health of a species and the habitat it occupies. The information collected is used to guide wildlife management decisions. The Wildlife Division also provides outreach and educational programs for tribal members.

Division Manager
Brandon Bleuer

Wildlife Technician
James Swenson

Forestry Division

The Forestry Division is responsible for managing all forest resources on the Nation’s lands. This Division creates and implements forest management plans, implements urban forestry management plans around developed lands; prevents, controls, slows, or eliminates the spread of invasive species on the Nation’s lands; oversees and administers Wildland Urban Interface grants provided by the BIA; and provides outreach and educational programs for tribal members. Available services provided by the Forestry Division include: hazard tree removal from tribal homes and tribal enterprises and firewood permits.

Forestry Staff

Division Manager
Brandon Bleuer

Forestry Technician
Kjetil Garvin


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