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Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature Redistricting

The Legislature has started the process of Redistricting, pursuant to Article V, Section 4 of the Ho-Chunk Nation Constitution.  Redistricting is the way the Nation changes the districts that decide who will represent tribal members in the Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature.  Every elected Representative of the Nation’s Legislature is elected from districts.  These districts divide areas and tribal members that live there into different geographic areas.  The Legislature has developed a process to decide where and how the lines will be drawn, which is based on legal criteria.  The Legislature initially selects a final proposal for new Redistricting, which will then be decided on by the eligible voters of the Ho-Chunk Nation at a Special Election in October of 2024.

The Legislature held a Redistricting Maps Forum on May 20, 2024, where tribal members who submitted new redistricting maps were given a chance to explain their proposal to the Legislature and tribal membership.  A total of twenty-four (24) maps were discussed.  Tribal members are encouraged to review the submitted proposed maps (see link to document below).

Next, the Legislative Workgroup on Redistricting, and Legislature, will review the submitted proposals and analyze them in an effort to pursue the standard of one-person/one-vote representation, as noted in Article V, Section 4 of the Nation’s Constitution.  By the end of July 2024, the Legislature will select a final proposal at an official meeting of the Legislature. The final proposal may consist of several different maps.