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By virtue of the Ho-Chunk Nation Presidential Emergency Declaration, the Department of Justice has activated the COOP Plan.  As of APRIL 2, 2020, all legal requests must be sent to the hotline:


The Department of Justice intends to offer critical and essential services during the State of Emergency, including policing, surveillance, drug testing, and background checks. Communication via phone, teleconferencing, and email with clients will be heavily utilized to facilitate social distancing. Email communication is the preferred means of recording and preserving communication.


Temporary layoffs have gone into effect, and the following critical staff remain:

The Attorney General, four in-house attorneys, one Contract employee, one Compliance Director, and required Surveillance Agents at each gaming site location. The Ho-Chunk Nation Police Department remains near full staffing for all officers.


Legal services of in-house tribal attorneys to provide legal services to various branches of government.
Police services work with state, federal, and local law enforcement on HCN lands
Background checks
Drug Testing
Surveillance at each gaming facility, non-gaming enterprise and governmental entities.
Child Support

LIMITED SERVICES                                       SUSPENDED

Contract processing and review                   Probation and Parole Officer

Contract database processing                      Victim Witness Advocate

Receptionist                                                    Police Office Administrator

Collections                                                      Election Board

Wellness Court                                               Paralegal services


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all services offered by the DOJ may be delayed.  Please be patient as the Nation is working with limited staff and may be operating under limited hours.  The Justice Department can be reached at 715-284-3170. E-Mail:  Due to the Nation’s Emergency Declaration, it is requested that walk-ins no longer be provided and appointments can be made through the helpline email.  The DOJ can utilize Zoom or Webex, if needed.

If there is an EMERGENCY, please call 911.

Are you over 18?




Due to the COVI-19 Pandemic, the Ho-Chunk Nation DOJ is experiencing calls for official forms for Power of Attorney (POA) over Health Care and Finances for Wisconsin Residents. This link will get you to a fillable form. This helps your family members ensure that your decisions for care and property are protected and honored.


Click HERE for details


Be on the Lookout For Scammers

Dear Tribal Members,

Please be advised that knowing that the tribal per capita may arrive on or around the same time as the federal stimulus checks (in the form of direct deposits for most tax payers), please be on the look-out of possible scammers who may be targeting you.

This is a public service announcement notifying you that scammers could be eyeing your per capita income and your stimulus money before the checks are even printed.

We do not want any tribal members, especially elders, adult caregivers, and guardians of children and incompetent members to fall victim to scams in the form of phone calls, texts, emails, or websites that ask for personal or financial information in order to receive your tribal and federal payments.

It is important to note that the IRS is not going to call you. Normally, the IRS sends letters in official-looking envelopes. Such IRS formal letters tell you exactly why they are writing, what the issues are, and what is expected of you.

Sadly, some scam schemes include paying someone who calls with a promise to expedite or obtain a payment or loan for you.  Just know that if you are eligible for a tribal per capita, or a federal stimulus, you do not need to make any upfront payments or pay any fees to receive your checks.

This is also an opportune time for scammers to offer you a chance to buy fake products.  Please beware of the counterfeit products as well, as we all must be cautious of fake CDC emails, or anyone selling products that claim to prevent, treat, diagnose or cure COVID-19 from the street or internet.

The most important part of this message is to not only practice good sanitary and hygiene to protect yourselves from COVD-19, it is recommended to use good cyber hygiene and security measures as well.

In closing, note that people who file tax returns electronically and who have already provided the Nation and the IRS with their banking information will likely get their tribal per capita checks as usual via direct deposit.  As of today’s date, the federal stimulus payment, up to $1,200 for most Americans, will be also done via the direct deposit system for tax filers.

Thank you for your attention.


Thank you for your attention.


 Ho-Chunk Nation Dept. of Justice

Department of Justice Legal Representation

The Department of Justice serves as legal counsel to the Ho-Chunk Nation. The collective rights of tribal members are served by this Department through defending the sovereignty of the Nation, protecting the laws of the Nation, prosecuting violations to these laws, providing legal aid to all branches of the Nation, and defending the Nation in Tribal, State and Federal courts on those matters that concern the Nation’s interests and welfare.

The Attorney General and all Department of Justice staff are unable to provide individual legal advice to private tribal members. If a private Ho-Chunk Nation tribal member is in need of legal assistance, you may contact Judicare at (800) 472-1638 or the Wisconsin State Bar Legal Aid Program at (800) 543-2625 or a private attorney.


Attorney General:
Senior Tribal Counsel: Wendi A. Huling, Amanda L. WhiteEagle
Tribal Counsel: Erik S. Shircel, Angelia Naquayouma
Tribal Attorneys: Michelle M. Greendeer-Rave, Elysia Rodriguez, Nicholas M. Layland
Paralegals: Sue Thompson


Ho-Chunk Nation
Department of Justice
P.O. Box 667
W9814 Airport Road
Black River Falls, WI 54615

Ph: 715-284-3170
Fax: 715-284-7851


Compliance Division

The Compliance Division is responsible for the administration of the Nation’s Drug, Alcohol and Controlled Substance policy, investigating whistleblower and personnel-related matters, conducting employee and vendor background investigations related to gaming licensing, and many other duties. The Compliance Division Director is Joe Buse.

Contract Division

The Contract Division maintains the contract database and reviews all potential contracts to protect the Nation and its assets when entering into new legal agreements.

Election Board

The Ho-Chunk Nation is mandated by the Constitution of the Ho-Chunk Nation to hold General, Special and Constitutional Elections. The Election Board is comprised of twelve (12) Delegates and twelve (12) Alternates and each representing their respective District. The Election Board meets on an as needed basis such as: when the Constitution requires them to conduct an Election, they are named as defendants or plaintiffs in a law suit, discuss revisions to the applicable laws governing elections, certify elections and to discuss personnel matters that affect the Election Board and it’s office staff.

The Election Board is vital to the Ho-Chunk Nation’s membership. The Election Board is open to serve its members Monday-Friday just as all the other Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branch offices are open. The Election Board Office Administrator serves Tribal members by answering questions regarding the removal and recall of elected officials. When and if the Tribal member feels they want to exercise their right to petition for recall, the Election Board Office Administrator disseminates the proper legal documentation to them.

The Election Board and the Election Board Office Administrator has managed to develop and maintain a high level of continuity and professionalism when conducting elections for the Ho-Chunk Nation. The Office Administrator and the Election Board’s priority is to conduct all Tribal Elections in a fair and impartial manner.

Surveillance Division

The Surveillance Division’s mission is to protect the assets of the Ho-Chunk Nation. This mission is accomplished through diligent observation of the activities at the Ho-Chunk Nation gaming facilities through observing, recording, reporting and conducting investigations as directed.

Ho-Chunk Nation Police Department 

The Ho-Chunk Nation Police Department’s mission is to protect the assets and people of the Ho-Chunk Nation. This mission is accomplished through diligent observation of the activities within the communities of the Ho-Chunk Nation, at the Ho-Chunk Nation gaming facilities and property/lands within the jurisdiction of the Ho-Chunk Nation.

Physical address:        W9598 Hwy 54, Black River Falls, WI 54615

Telephone:                  715-284-2658