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Public Review Phase45 Day Comment Period

The Normal Legislation Process will consist of three (3) phases
(1) Internal Review Phase.
(2) Public Review Phase.
(3) Passage Phase.

Public Review Phase
Refer the Legislation as drafted or as amended for Public Review and set a date after the Public Review period for the Legislation to be considered by the Committee. This action will not require ratification by the full Legislature:

(a) The Public Review period will typically be forty-five (45) days but may be shortened or lengthened as the Committee deems necessary. The Public Review period begins after the Legislation is placed on the Nation’s Legislative website.

The following have been placed out for 45-Day public comment:

Code Title
Posted Date
Comment Due Date
Ho-Chunk Tribal Aging Unit Advisory Board Establishment & Organization Act

Legislative motion on 02.21.23 to post for an additional 15 days.

Posted Date: 02/08/2023
Comment Due Date: 03/24/2023

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