Title 1 – Establishment Act

1HCC1 Judiciary Establishment Act

1HCC2 Administration Establishment Act as amended on 06.05.17

1HCC3 Business Establishment Act

1HCC4 Education Establishment Act as amended on 06.05.17

1HCC5 Health Act of 2009 As Amended on 06.05.17

1HCC6 Heritage Preservation Establishment Act as amended on 06.05.17

1HCC7 Housing Establishment Act as amended 06.05.17

1HCC8 Department of Justice Establishment Act as amended on 06.05.17

1HCC9 Labor Establishment Act as amended on 06.05.17

1HCC10 Personnel Establishment Act as amended on 06.05.17

1HCC11 TAU Advisory Board Establishment Act

1HCC12 Treasury Establishment Act

1HCC13 Insurance Review Commission Establishment Act

1HCC14 Law Enforcement Commission Establishment Act

1HCC15 Social Services Establishment Act

1HCC16 Trust and Investment Committee Establishment Act

1HCC17 PD Advisory Establishment Act

1HCC18 Office of the General Council Establishment and Organization Act

1HCC19 Department of Agriculture Establishment Act as amended on 06.05.17

1HCC20 Department of Natural Resources Establishment Act

Title 2 – Government

2HCC1 Code of Ethics Act Amended 6.20.17

2HCC2 Open Meetings Act

2HCC3 Discovery Act

2HCC4 Appropriations and Budget Process Act

2HCC5 Contempt Ordinance

2HCC6 Election Code

2HCC7 Tribal Enrollment and Membership Code

2HCC8 Claims Against Per Capita Ordinance

2HCC9 Confirmation process of Executive Directors for the Ho-Chunk Nation Act

2HCC10 Fleet Ordinance

2HCC11 Legislative Organization Act (Updated)

2HCC12 Per Capita Distribution Ordinance – Updated June 18th, 2018

2HCC13 Arbitration Ordinance

2HCC14 Statue of Limitations and Commencement of Claims Act

2HCC15 Long Arm Ordinance

2HCC16 Crimes Against Ho-Chunk Nation Government and Government Officials

2HCC17 Tribal Claims Act of 2006

Title 3 – Health And Safety

3HCC1 Solid Waste and Recycling Ordinance

3HCC2 Public Nuisance Act

3HCC3 Tribal Research Code

3HCC4 Fireworks Ordinance

3HCC5 Domesticated Animal Control Ordinance

3HCC6 Environmental and Public Health Ordinance

3HCC7 Water Utility Ordinance

3HCC8 Pool Ordinance

3HCC9 Alternate Side Parking Ordinance

3HCC10 Hocak Nation Exclusion and Removal Act

3HCC11 Weapons Code

3HCC12 Sewage and Waste Water Use Ordinance

3HCC13 Vehicle Registration Code

3HCC14 Human Health Hazard Ordinance

3HCC15 Dangers to Public Safety and Well-Being

3HCC16 Harassment Ordinance

3HCC17 Loitering and Prowling Ordinance

Title 4 – Children, Family and Elder Welfare

4HCC1 Elder Protection Act of 2001

4HCC2 Recognition of Foreign Child Support Orders Ordinance

4HCC3 Children and Family Act

4HCC4 Juvenile Curfew Ordinance

4HCC5 Domestic Abuse Act of 2000

4HCC6 Legally Incompetent Member Protective Fund Administration Interim Ordinance

4HCC7 Child Support Code

4HCC8 Charitable Request Act

4HCC9 Divorce and Custody Ordinance

4HCC10 Marriage Ordinance

4HCC11 Hocak Nation Third Party Guardianship

4HCC12 Children, Family, and Adult-at-Risk Welfare Code

4HCC13 Ho-Chunk Disability Code

4HCC14 Adult Guardianship and Spendthrift Ordinance

4HCC15 Healing To Wellness Court Code as amended on June 20, 2017

4HCC16 Family Wellness Court Code

Title 5 – Business and Finance

5HCC1 Amended and Restated Gaming Ordinance

5HCC2 Business Corporation Ordinance

5HCC3 Limited Liability Company Act

5HCC4 Alcohol Beverage Control Ordinance

5HCC5 Finance Manual *Updated 01/12/2018

5HCC6 Bonding Ordinance

5HCC7 Uniform Commercial Code Ordinance

5HCC8 Asset Management Policy

5HCC9 Materials Management Policies and Procedure Manual

5HCC10 Tax Code

5HCC11 Audit Law

5HCC12 Section 17 Federally Chartered Corporations Act

5HCC13 Debarment Process Act 04.10.17

Title 6 – Personnel, Employment and Labor

6HCC4 Computer Usage Act


6HCC8 Occupational Safety and Health Program Act of 2002

6HCC8 Subsection 1-General Safety

6HCC8 Subsection 2-Exposure Control

6HCC8 Subsection 3-Hazard Communication

6HCC8 Subsection 4-Electrical Safety

6HCC8 Subsection 5-Lock-Out Tag-Out

6HCC8 Subsection 6-Powered Industrial Truck Safety

6HCC8 Subsection 7-Personal Protective Equipment

6HCC8 Subsection 8-Fire Safety

6HCC8 Subsection 9-Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Planning

6HCC8 Subsection 10-Occupational Health and Environmental Controls

6HCC8 Subsection 11-Indoor Air Quality

6HCC8 Subsection 12-Ergonomics Program

6HCC8 Subsection 13-Construction Safety

6HCC8 Subsection 14-Fall Protection

6HCC8 Subsection 15-Permit Required Confined Spaces

6HCC8 Subsection 17-Workplace Violence Prevention

6HCC8 Subsection 18-Respiratory Protection

6HCC8 Subsection 19-Agriculture Safety

6HCC8 Subsection 20-Record Keeping

Title 7 – Culture and Natural Resources

7HCC1 Burial Mounds Ordinance

7HCC2 Tribal Property Rights of Repatriated Items Act

7HCC3 All Terrain Vehicle Usage Ordinance

7HCC4 Language and Culture Code

Title 8 – Housing, Real Estate and Property

8HCC2 Utilities Ordinance

8HCC3 Eviction Ordinance Amended 05/09/2017

8HCC4 Zoning and Land Use Ordinance

8HCC5 Housing for the General Welfare

8HCC6 Tribal Lands Lending Act

8HCC7 Land Consolidation Code

8HCC9 Agricultural Leasing Code

8HCC10 Business Site Leasing Code

8HCC11 Residential Leasing Code 10-30-14

8HCC13 Probate Code – Non Trust Property

8HCC14 Title Recording and Transfer Ordinance

Title 9 – Criminal Code

9HCC900 Criminal Fine Allocation Ordinance

9HCC939 General Provisions

9HCC940 Crimes Against Life and Bodily Security

9HCC941 Crimes Against Public Health and Safety

9HCC942 Crimes Against Reputation, Privacy and Civil Liberties

9HCC943 Crimes Against Property

9HCC944 Crimes Against Sexual Morality

9HCC945 Gambling

9HCC946 Crimes Against Government and It’s Administration

9HCC947 Crimes Against Public Peace, Order and Other Interests

9HCC948 Crimes Against Children

9HCC949 Awards for the Victims of Crimes

9HCC950 Rights of Victims and Witnesses of Crimes

9HCC951 Crimes Against Animals

9HCC961 Controlled Substance Act

9HCC973 Criminal final 5 23 17

9HCC975 Criminal Code final 5 23 17

9HCC978 Criminal final 5 23 17

9HCC979 Criminal final 5 23 17

Title 11 – Vehicles and Traffic

11HCC1 Traffic Fine Allocation Ordinance

11HCC2 Speeding Ordinance